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Wildflowers at my doorstep is Marni Norwich’s first poetry book. It received a Silver placing in the 2009 Independent Publisher Book Awards (IPPY).

Wildflower at my doorstep, cover art @ Jennifer Van de Pol




Poetry, by Marni Norwich.
Cover art @ Jennifer Van de Pol.
June 2008, ISBN 978-0-9809968-0-7 $15





Marni Norwich

Marni Norwich is an independent journalist and writer/editor with her business ( For the past twenty years, she’s been writing on issues of social justice, women, and health. Her articles have appeared in a wide variety of Canadian publications. Many of the poems in this collection have been presented on Vancouver stages, some with the accompaniment of an ensemble of dancers, choreographers, and musicians called Bad Poetry.

Wildflowers at my doorstep is a collection of poetry which blossoms from the tenacious roots of Jewish history, covenant, mythology, and the ‘holy salve’ of the Goddess. Marni Norwich’s language reveals both her personal heritage and her contemporary life in Vancouver. Each poem is like an heirloom garden, fixed in the past and blooming with ‘the secret of survival,’ ‘the miracle of sunshine,’ and a ‘pulsing vein.’ Marni’s voice is paradoxically mystical and light-hearted. Even the Lord chuckles at times, and the Muse encourages similes like ‘dashes of pepper in a stew.’ Indeed, her words are fresh and pleasing to the palate: ‘I thrive on spice,’ she writes of Eve. Marni’s poems are like original recipes –sometimes based on past generations and their traditions, while offering new opportunities for nourishment and fare.”

April Bulmer, author of The Goddess Psalms (Serengeti Press)


A Winner Among Esteemed Winners!

IPPY-SILVER Wildflowers at my doorstep We are pleased to announce our Silver placing of Marni Norwich’s book, Wildflowers at my doorstep, in the Independent Publisher Book Awards. More than three thousand books written in English for the US market were entered in the national contest (an average of 50 contenders per category).

The Gold Winner in the 2009 Poetry category was Patricia Goedicke. This was the award winning poet’s (who studied under Robert Frost) last book.


Hilary Jacob

“In her first published book, Marni Norwich keeps her writing spare and tight, the language pared down to pierce each target with the finest precision possible. The collection of 45 poems juxtaposes light and dark subjects, drawing the reader in expertly with wit and humour then turning sharply to address serious subjects. It is an impressive and delicate balance the artist maintains, a testament to her technical skills and sensitivity in employing her craft; she weaves light and soft textures of irreverence, wit and humour, alternating with weightier, coarser yarns and darker hues as she illustrates subjects including injustice, death, loneliness and loss. The result is a tapestry in which the light and the dark become blended and inseparable. One moment we are laughing, when suddenly the mood becomes serious. I found myself reading and rereading poems, not wanting to miss the subtleties, the nuances and the humour.”